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Are you ready to join the Global Partnership for Sustainability?
Join our team of innovators who are developing cutting-edge technologies for waste characterization, processing and valorization guided by the 4 pillars of sustainability (human, social, economic and environmental).

Opportunities for Graduate Research Assistants (GRA)

Successful applicants will have strong backgrounds in chemistry, engineering, physics, biotechnology, computer science, materials science, or other related fields. Ph.D. students will receive a standard financial support package including stipend, tuition, and health benefits as Graduate Research Assistants (GRA).

  • Waste to Advance Low-Cost Lignocellulose Innovations for Energy (WALLI-E)
  • Multi-sensory Augmented Nanoscale Temporal Imaging and Spectroscopy (MANTIS)
  • Artificial Intelligence-Visual Imaging & Spectral Imaging Open Neural Networks (AI-VISIONN)

Opportunities for Partnership

Looking forward to to connect with industry, municipalities, university, national laboratory, federal and state agencies, non-governmental agencies, and other stakeholders to engage in our efforts of waste characterization and valorization. Please contact us for partnership!

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